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Indian Feast Winners

Friday 9th December, 2011

Charlotte and James of Penzance, Cornwall.

Celebrity Chef - Pat Chapman - cooked for Charlotte and James, and their friends!


Photos Below: The Starters ! 'Katori Kebabs' - these little round patties are made of minced chicken breast, flavoured with garlic, ginger, aromatic spices and fresh green chilli. 'Onion Bhajias' - slices of onion, dipped in spiced channa flour and deep-fried in vegetable oil. All served with a green leaf salad and 'Mint Raitha'.



Photos Below: Service! Sammie - our waitress for the evening, brings in the main course and everyone helps themselves to exactly what they like - which seems to be everything!



Photos Below: 'Chicken Jalfrezi' with generous slices of red chilli, 'Murgh Makhani - butter chicken' and 'Spinach and Mushroom Bhajia'. Other dishes served included Tarka Dal and Pullao Rice with Iranian saffron and home-made butter ghee.



Photo Below: 'Mango Smoothie' - decorated with Passion Fruit and served in Charlottes beautiful crystal engraved sundae glasses.

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