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Indian Feast Winners

Monday 16th January, 2012

David and Shelia Jamieson of Gateshead.

Celebrity Chef - Pat Chapman - cooked for David and Shelia, and their family!


Photos Below: Pat has never met anyone who can resist an 'Onion Bhajia'. Photo One - sliced onions are added to the spicy batter. Photo Two - Spoonfuls of the mixture are deep-fried. Photo Three - The cooked Bhajias are drained on kitchen paper.


Photos Below: Pat adds the finishing touches to the starter plates and 'Voila!' they are ready to be served!


Photos Below: Everyone tucks into crispy Plain Popadoms with Chutney, accompanied by large glasses of chilled Cobra!



Photo Above: Pat explains the main course menu, while David and Shelia (sitting at the heads of the table), their daughters and partners help themselves to their favourite curries from the stainless steel karahis.


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