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Indian Feast Winners

Saturday 14th May, 2011

Chris Lorek of Eastleigh, Hampshire. 

Celebrity Chef - Pat Chapman, cooked for Chris and Kim and their family!


Photos Below:  The table is laid with 'Bombay Mix', 'Popadoms', 'Cachumber Salad', 'Mint Raitha' and two little pots of 'Hot Chilli Pickle' - Chris likes it hot! Chris and Kim, beautifully dressed, Maharaja-style take their seats, while Kim's son stands to attention! However, no need, Chris has his own waitress for the evening.


Photos Below:  Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Pat finishes off a large pan of 'Bombay Aloo' and a wok of 'Chicken Jalfrezi'.



Photos Below: 'Murgh Makhani' is also included in the menu tonight, and so is a bottle or two of Cobra! Our winners eating their curry!


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