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East meets West

Tsunami Celebrity Charity Cookbook



by Barbara Jayson and Jenny de Montfort

A unique collection of recipes and articles by internationally renowned celebrity cooks, culinary experts and wine writers aiding the long term recovery of victims of the tsunami disaster.

East Meets West has been compiled by two British women, Barbara Jayson and Jenny de Montfort, who met while living in Indonesia. Following the terrible events on December 26th, 2004 they decided to try and contact chefs and wine writers with the idea of creating a cookbook, the profits from which would aid the victims of the Tsunami.

Barbara has been responsible for establishing The Foundation for Mother and Child Health in Indonesia and was recently awarded her MBE for charitable work. Jenny was born in Sri Lanka and has kept up close links with the island. All profits from the sale of the book will go towards the long term rehabilitation of children and their parents affected by the tsunami.


 Recipes donated by Pat Chapman

Chocolate Custard - British Raj (page 234)

Fihuna Mas Lebai - Andaman Grilled Garlic Fish (page 110)

Kakuluo - Sri Lankan Crab Curry (page 106)

Koki - Maldive Coconut Fritter (page 31)

Malacca Ikan Manis - Indonesian Sweet and Sour Fish (page 112)

Nua-Look-Gaa-Pad-Bai-Salani - Thai Lamb Stir-fried with Mint (page 171)

Porial Kadama - South Indian Festival Vegetables (page 180)

Potato and Bacon Rissoles - British Raj (page 37)

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