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Party Menu - Thai Starters

Some of our Starters may benefit from cooking on facilities at the venue. However, they can be served ready cooked and cold. 

Priced individually per diner.


  • Som Tom (Green Papaya and Long Bean Salad) shreds of papaya with green beans, cherry tomatoes, dried prawn, peanuts and chilli in a Thai Salad Dressing ~ £2.
  • Beef and Grape Salad thinly sliced, marinated beef, white and black grapes, salad leaves and a Thai Salad Dressing ~ £2.   Minimum order £10.
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll rice paper wrapped around shredded and marinated vegetables, served cold ~ £1.50.  Minimum order £15.
  • BBQ Chicken  4 bite-size  BBQ marinated chicken cubes, oven baked ~ £2.  Minimum order £20.
  • Chicken Satay  4 bite-size pieces of  chicken, marinated in peanut sauce,  bamboo skewered and grilled ~ £2.50. Minimum order £50.
  • Beef Satay 4 bite-size strips of  tender beef, marinated in peanut sauce,  bamboo skewered and grilled ~ £2.50. . Minimum order £50.
  • Vegetable Fritters - Sliced mixed vegetables in a batter flavoured with lemon grass and galangal and deep fried ~ £1 per fritter. Minimum order £30.
  • Cucumber Sambol finely chopped cucumber in a sweet soy sauce.  c30ml per diner  ~ 0.50p
  • Prig Nam Pla fish sauce with Thai bird's eye chillies.  c30ml per diner  ~ 0.30p
  • Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce finely chopped red chillies in a sweet red syrup.  c30ml per diner  ~ 0.50p
  • Thai Prawn crackers (Kroepruk)  6 crackers ~ 35p.  Minimum order £3.50 ~  (60 crackers).
  • Chinese Prawn crackers   6 Chinese Prawn crackers ~ 30p.  Minimum order £3.00 ~  (60 crackers).


  • We'll need an advance payment and as much advanced notice as you can give.
  • Prices are for food only, you collect.  Home delivery available, free 3 mile radius of GU27 2AP. Del elsewhere POA.
  • We do not knowingly purchase Halal..
  • If you do not see you favourite Starter, please telephone Pat Chapman on 01428 658327.


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