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 Restaurant Review

Taste of Moghul

45-47, York Street, Twickenham, Middlesex. TW1 3LP

020 8892 9841

Wednesday 11th July, 2012

York Street has many restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. In fact in just a few yards, the Taste of Mogul, which is situated opposite a rather dull looking government building, has fierce competition from a Vietnamese Cafe - right next door, Thai - across the street, an Italian - next door to the Thai, and on each corner - a Pub and a Wine Bar!

If you have a quick look at their website, you would be mistaken if you thought that this restaurant was just another, very ordinary, curry house. The Taste of Mogul is far from ordinary, as the menus, 'Recommended,' and, 'Specialities,' include several innovative and original dishes.

The dining room is large, seating around seventy diners, but can accommodate over one hundred, for those big nights in the calendar, such as St Valentines and Christmas. The entire frontage of the restaurant is plate glass, with doors opening onto the pavement, although, the waiter assured us that this rarely happens, as the weather in England does not allow for alfresco dining! But not to worry, the restaurant is cleanly and brightly decorated inside with, large pieces of art on salmon pink walls, velvety blue seating, and white table linen with blue napkins. Making for a sophisticated dining experience.

As is usual in a curry restaurant, we started with a good selection of, 'Plain, Black Pepper and Jeera Popadoms 50p,' accompanied by the, 'Five Pot Chutney Tray £2.00,' of, 'Cachumber, Imli, Mint Raitha, Mango Chutney,' and a rather good, 'Mixed Pickle,' with cubes of red carrot, (carrots in India are red, not orange).

Our waiter for the evening, manager Abdul Rokib, passed us menus, which were bound in deep tan leather - very nice. After much discussion, we all decided to share everything and so chose different dishes. For our starters, Abdul brought us, 'Onion Bhaji £2.55 - spicy onions deep-fried in a coating of gram flour batter, until golden brown.' Two large flat and crispy discs arrived with side salad and lemon wedges. I believe there was a good slice of cucumber with the lettuce and tomato, however, one of my dining companions, swiftly ate that from all our plates. 'Hash (Duck) Tikka £4.50 - tender pieces of duck marinated in yoghurt with Indian spices and barbecued in a clay oven.' The dish was just wonderful! The duck meat was top quality, with not a scrap of unwanted matter, it was perfectly marinated, barbecued and melted in the mouth - delicious! 'Reshmi Kebab £3.25 - minced lamb with herbs and spices, wrapped in a lightly spiced omelette.' The last time I had one of these, was at Sanjay and Reena Anand's house. We were dining with them, and Sanjay's mother cooked this for us. It was her speciality. The Taste of Mogul chef's, was a little different, in that the omelette was a little thicker and was presented in a very attractive square. We all enjoyed this dish very much. 'Paneer Tikka £6.50 - cheese marinated in spices and cooked in a clay oven.' Four huge pieces of soft and creamy, well marinated cheese cubes arrived on a sizzling plate! It was amazingly good! Even if you are not a vegetarian, this is a must try dish.

'Plain, Black Pepper and Jeera Popadoms 50p,' accompanied by the, 'Five Pot Chutney Tray £2.00.'


Two of our starters, 'Onion Bhaji,' and, 'Reshmi Kebab,' both served with salad and lemon wedges.


Our Tandoori starters, 'Paneer Shashlik,' and, 'Hash (Duck) Tikka,' served in sizzlers with fried onions.

As my photos shows, our starters were served beautifully in generous portions. If you feel like sharing, then I recommend the, 'Vegetable Platter £3.50 - assortment of Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Samosa, Paneer Tikka and Vegetable Cutlet,' and the, 'Mogul Delight £4.95 - assortment of Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Meat Samosa and Lamb Tikka,' or the, 'Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95 - combination of delicious barbecued King Prawn, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab and Naan Bread.' All are great value, as you get a good selection of different dishes.



Our main courses were presented to us from a trolley and consisted of an amazing selection of dishes, all with individual flavours. Abdul helped us, by serving the rice. Our main dishes were, 'Almond and Coconut Butter Chicken £6.95 - chicken tikka cooked with almond, coconut milk, yoghurt, butter and special aromatic spices, garnished with almond flakes and cashew nuts.' A rich and creamy dish, reminiscent of a classic Moghul White Korma. Emperor Akbar, when living at Fatehpur Sikri, (the city of Victory), had a chef who could cook a different Korma for every day of the year. This dish would not have been out of place. 'Chicken Dhansak £6.96 - Dhansak has a sweet, sour and hot flavour cooked with lentils. Served with Pullao Rice.' A curry house favourite of mine, and delivered everything in its description. Chef had used a little Naga and I immediately got hiccups, so had to resort to the glass of water trick! Thoroughly enjoyable. 'Panggas Beguni £7.95 - marinated fish fillets lightly fried in butter, then cooked in medium spices with baby aubergine, thick sauce.' As regular readers will know, I am not a fish fan, although I am partial to aubergine, so was a little unsure that I would like this dish. However, our waiter Abdul insisted that is was very good and that we would enjoy it - he was right! The baby aubergines had been sliced longways, with their skins and stalks on, so the flesh was firm. The fish had been cut into individual fillets and cooked very carefully, so they too, retained their shape. The sauce was thick, as described in the menu, but delicate, so not to overpower the aubergine and fish, and lastly, 'Dham Dham Chicken £7.95 - chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, mixed peppers and yoghurt,' which was lovely but not as chilli hot as we were expecting.



'Panggas Beguni £7.95,' with 'Vegetable Curry £2.95,' and 'Saag Prawn £6.25,' with 'Kulch Naan £2.50.' 

Other dishes served included, 'Saag Prawn £6.25 - prawns cooked with spinach.  Medium spiced.' with 'Vegetable Curry £2.95 - mixed vegetables cooked with spices.' A good combination of vegetables including mushrooms and chickpeas! 'Coconut Rice £2.75 - Basmati rice with coconut,' and finally, two Naan Breads, both stuffed, 'Keema Naan £2.25 - stuffed with minced lamb,' and, 'Kulcha Naan £2.50 - stuffed with mixed vegetables.' I can say, that without a doubt that the Kulcha was the best stuffed bread that I have ever tasted, it was soft, light and fluffy with a mildly spiced vegetable filling. Stuffed breads can sometimes be soggy, but this was not, just delightful!


' Pat Chapman with Director, Mijanur Rahman,' and the, 'Taste of Mogul Team.'


Taste of Moghul 

45-47, York Street, Twickenham, Middlesex. TW1 3LP

020 8892 9841

Hour: 12 to 2.30 and 5.30 to 12, including Bank Holidays.

'Special Sunday Buffet,' - from 12 to 3pm, adults £7.95 and children £4.95.

'Thursday Night Banquet' - 5 courses for £11.95.

Takeaway: 10% discount, £10 minimum order.

Delivery: £12 minimum order.

Reviewed: 11/07/12

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