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 Restaurant Food Festival Review


216, Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey. KT3 3RJ

020 8949 2211

4th October to 24th November, 2010

Sesame Restaurant is situated on a busy street with many other restaurants, including several Korean takeaways and supermarkets. With so many restaurants to choose from, Sesame has had to work hard to attract customers. They have achieved this by offering Regional Food Festivals. During October and November, they are showcasing Seafood. So, if you are looking for a restaurant that is a cut above the standard curry house, with new, interesting and genuine dishes on the menu, then we suggest you eat at Sesame. You will not be disappointed.

Even though, Great Britain is an Island, surrounded by the sea, in which many fine fish live, Sesame has, imported some of the fish and seafood from Bengal, adding authenticity to the menu. I do like the occasional Cod and Chips from the takeaway, but apart from that I don't eat much fish. My problem is that they are quite ugly little creatures, especially prawns (pink spiders). So, while I carefully examined the menu, (the restaurants regular menu is also available), Pat and I nibbled on a basket of light and crispy plain popadoms with a selection of chutneys. The pickle, with sticks of carrot, was particularly good.

From the six starters, I decided on the, 'Sesame Fish Finger £4.25 lightly spiced fish marinated with egg white, lemon juice, salt, mustad sauce, pepper, dill and coated with sesame seeds breadcrumbs and deep-fried - served with tartar sauce.' Pat and I had visited Goa earlier in the year and I had eaten our hotels version of 'fish fingers,' which were delicious. Well, they would be, they had been swimming around in the Indian Ocean that very morning. So, while I reminised about our trip, I dipped the wonderful home-made, white fish goujons, into the tartar sauce. Though, I think I would have preferred a little pot of Cucumber Raitha or a garlic mayonnaise.

Pat chose, 'Fried Kalamari £3.50 sliced squid marinated in ground Indian spices. Deep fried in light batter and served with crispy with tartar sauce.' He thoroughly enjoyed them, telling me that it was like a squid bhajia. Both starters were served with fresh, finely shredded salad and a lemon wedge. Pat asked for more lemon, which was delivered to our table with no fuss.

Other starters that you will find interesting include: 'Hilsa Kofta £4.25 - Bangladeshi national fish kofta lightly spiced then deep-fried,' and, 'Mussels Lababdar £4.25 - mussels tossed with spicy lababdar sauce, green chilli, chopped coriander and spring onion.'

There are ten main course dishes to deliberate over. Pat wavered between the, 'Seafood Platter £11.95 assortment of fish kebab, king prawn, squid, salmon and tilapia tikka, roasted in a tandoor and served with mint sauce,' and the, 'Samundri Khazana £11.95 assortment of seafood classic prawn, salmon, crabmeat, tilapia and squid, cooked on a tawa with onions, tomatoes, chilli, garlic and Indian spices.' In the end he went for the later, but was beaten by the enormous portion, (he took what he couldn't manage home for lunch the following day). I was drawn to the, 'Tandoori Pomfret £8.95 marinated pomfret flavoured with ajwain, fennel, fennel seeds, mustard, garlic and yoghurt sauce. Roasted in clay oven and served with mint sauce.' The Pomfret - that's him, in the photo above, and as you can see, from the bones on my plate, he was quite delicious! Chef had made deep scores in his skin, allowing the marinade ingredients to penetrate and flavour the delicate white flesh. Our mains were quite dry dishes, as they were intended to be, so do order a side, as we did, of 'Dal Dil Kush £3.50 yellow lentils tempered with assorted spices and finished with fresh coriander.' We also ordered, 'Lemon & Cashew Nut Rice £3.95 aromatic, fluffy basmati rice tossed with chopped herbs, cashew nuts and a hint of lemon juice,' and a 'Paratha £2.50.'

Sesame is a lovely, modern restaurant, with a upmarket, but relaxed atmosphere. Original works of art adorn the walls, my favourite being an elephant painting. During our visit, many customers dined in and even more collected takeaways. I suspect they are not only attracted to the wonderful food but also the great FREE beer deals, that are offered with delivery and collection - well, we all like a bargain! Pat and I really enjoyed our evening, celebrating the Seafood Festival - it was just like being in India!

Hours: Lunch: 12 to 2.30, Sunday to 3. Dinner: 6 to 11.30, Friday and Saturday to 12.

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Sesame Restaurant, 216, Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey. KT3 3RJ. Tel: 020 8949 2211


Photos: 'Sesame is a lovely, modern restaurant,' and 'Original works of art decorate the walls, my favourite being an elephant painting.'

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