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Royal Halal Frozen Curries

Launch Party

Bombay Halwa, Southall, Middlesex.

Friday 16th March, 2012

The launch of Lord Gulam Noons new range of frozen ready-cooked Halal meals for the UK market, took place at the Bombay Halwa factory. This new line of frozen curries is to be marketed to third generation British Muslims who do not know how to cook! Although, Executive Chef Jayan Nambiar, expressed them as 'time starved.' 



Lord Noon addresses The Press, explaining the gap in the market and how he has 'pioneered a premium range of delicious frozen ready-cooked Halal meals for the UK market.' The 'Royal Halal' Frozen Curries Range. Executive Chef Jayan Nambiar, talks about 'time starved' 3rd generation British Muslims.


Pat Chapman at The Press Launch. A closer look at 'Chicken Tikka Masala with Baghara Rice.'



In the Board Room - lunch is served, giving everyone an opportunity to sample the new range. Pat joins the cue for pudding - another new product 'Shrikhand,' which Sakshi Ojha, serves.


In the Board Rood Kitchen (from left to right) Lord Noons oldest friend, Pat Chapman, Executive Chef Sachin Mathur, Executive Chef Jayan Nambiar and Dominique Chapman.

For more information on 'Royal Halal Frozen Curries,' please contact Sakshi Ojha.

Telephone: 020 7195 1394



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