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Jeff and Linda's

'Step-by-Step Madras Meatball Pizza'

We've discovered an even better way to use the Madras Sauce - turn it into a pizza!  We got the idea from your, 'Tandoori Pizza,' idea in the, 'Tandoori Book.'  We loved the, 'Madras on Noodles,' so much, we immediately then thought, why not use it as a substitute for the tomato sauce on a pizza.

We've done this a number of times since my last missive, and we're not growing tired of it. The only change that we're making in your Madras recipe is to use saute finely chopped onion and garlic rather than using the dried flakes and powder, respectively.  It adds in another 10 minutes into the process, but we like the fresh ingredients better.

Step One: Using a spatula, sread the madras sauce over the pizza dough base.

Step Two: Add good quality meatballs from the freezer section of the grocery store. You can make your own, meatballs but we were in a hurry!

Step Three: Top the pizza with a sharp cheddar / monterrey jack / parmesan cheese mix, and pop into a moderate oven.

Step Four: Viola!  10 minutes later a delicious, 'Madras Meatballs Pizza,' to die for.

Step Five: Cut a large slice and enjoy!

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