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Curry Puffs



Curry Puffs are, perhaps, one of the best examples of east meets west, or Raj meets Indian, that I can think of. They are a kind of sausage roll where, instead of sausage meat, the filling is minced curry. When I was a kid at boarding school, I used to ask my mother to make me a supply of Curry Puffs to take back with me at the beginning of term. She used to make a flat oven tray's worth, about what you'll get from this recipe. When cut into pieces, it made about 36. I used to eat one a day, and being very careful not to let my friends know that I had them, let alone share them, they'd last me about a mouth. I remember that by that time they tasted a little musty. How they didn't go off, I'll never know. They certainly weren't refrigerated! Please use yours up within a few days kept in the fridge. They will freeze, of course, but they're so good piping hot (or, as I prefer them, cold) that I doubt there will be any left over to freeze.



  • 36 Curry Puffs



  • 400g (14oz) frozen puff pastry (or homemade)
  • about 500g (1lb 2oz) cooked Keema Curry



  • Allow the pastry to thaw, then divide into four equal pieces.
  • Carefully roll out one piece to about 22cm (9 inches) square by 3mm (18 inch) thick. Then cut the square into three strips each about 7.5cm (3 inches) wide.
  • Put a line of filling down the centre line of one of the strips.
  • Wet one side of the strip, then fold the pastry over the filling, pressing the edges firmly together.
  • Brush with a glaze of water or egg white, and spike the roll a few times to let the air out when it cooks.
  • Repeat until all the strips are finished. You can freeze them now, if you wish.
  • To cook, put the 12 strips onto a greased, flat oven tray, and into the oven, preheated to 190?C / 375?F / Gas 5. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the pastry is well browned.
  • Cut each strip into three. Serve hot or cold with salad and chutneys. They can be frozen when cold.

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