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 Restaurant Review

Bombay Bay

Indian Bar and Restaurant

Southsea Marina, Fort Cumberland Road, Southsea, Hampshire. PO4 9RJ

Sunday 29th July, 2012

Bombay Bay is uniquely situated within the glamorous location of Southsea Marina. It occupies the former Club House which is accessed by a covered staircase, and serves Bangladeshi curry house food, superior in quality and presentation. Furnished in a nautical theme the dining room, which, due to its popularity, is to be expanded later this year, has views from all sides onto the marina and boat yard, so you can choose to be entertained either, by the manouvering of the yatchs or the hard work that goes into maintaining them. There is a wonderful and generous balcony, where you can dine alfresco on those summery days. Pat and I have done this many times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I have experienced serious sunburn! You are also welcome to just soak up the yatching atmosphere and enjoy a cold glass of beer.


' can dine alfresco on those summery days...'

Bombay Bay's, 'Set Menu,' served between 12pm and 4pm, is a perfect way to enjoy a leisurely lunch. At just £9.95 for two courses, it is excellent value for money, as portions are generous. The choice is not huge, but there is something for everyone from the five starters, including, 'Onion Bhaji, Chicken or Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Squid Amritsari,' and five mains, including, 'Korma, Dansak, Bhuna, Rogan and Massala,' with a choice of chicken, lamb or vegetable. These are accompanied by your choice of, 'Plain or Pilaw Rice or Nan.'


'Onion Bhajia,' and, 'Sheek Kebab.'

I always choose the same dishes for my lunch, Onion Bhaji followed by Chicken Dhansak with Pilaw Rice. As they are cooked to my liking, the Bhaji soft on the inside and crispy of the outside, the Dhansak sauce not too sweet, tart with lemon juice, thick with lentils and heavy with fenugreek, the Pilaw Rice is al dente and contains very fine slices of onion tarka. So, I see no need to change my order! Pat too, always chooses the same, and this won't surprise regular readers, a Sheek Kebab, followed by Lamb Massala - naga chilli level! All starters are accompanied by a really fresh and delicious salad combining leaves of lambs lettuce and radicchio, a slice each of cucumber, tomato and orange and halved red and white grapes, all dressed in a light vinegarette. This accompaniment makes such a positive change to the mundane salad offered by many Bangladeshi curry houses, which most dinners abandon by the side of their plate.


'Pat tucks into his Sheek Kebab,' and our mains, 'Lamb Massala, Chapati, Chicken Dhansak and Pullao Rice.'

If you feel that two courses are too much for a quick lunch, then do have a look at the, 'Appetisers Menu,' which Pat and I think is very inventive and even more comprehensively priced at £5.95, (the Somosa is priced at £4.25). Choose from, 'Chicken Tikka Pizza,' leavened Nan topped with chicken tikka and cheese, 'Kebab Roll,' sheek kebab wrapped in chapati, served with salad, 'Butterfly Breaded Prawns,' or, 'Battered Scampi,' both served with chips, 'Battered Cod Fillet,' served with chips and vegetables, 'Vegetable Somosa,' served with salad and, 'Chicken Tikka Roll,' marinated chicken wrapped with chapati. 

If dinner is your preferred choice, then there is an extensive a la carte menu, with some interesting starters, including three of Pat's favourites, 'King Prawn Suka £6.50,' grilled king prawn served with garlic, coconut milk, coriander and chilli sauce, 'Mussels £5.50,' stuffed with rice, served with garlic and coriander sauce and, 'Mangsho Daka Dim £5.50,' whole egg coated with spiced minced lamb, deep-fried. All a la carte mains, are priced at £9.95 and include: 'Sheem Bishi,' cooked with Bengali beans and fine spices, medium sauce, with your choice of main ingredients including beef, 'Au Gratin,' diced barbecued chicken or filleted lamb cooked in chefs special mild sauce with butter topped with cheese, and, 'Goan,' cooked with red goan chilli, garlic, green pepper, coriander, coconut milk and fine spices, fairly hot. All vegetable sides from, 'Aloo Gobi,' to, 'Broccoli Bhajee,' are priced at £3.50 and can be shared.


'Furnished in a nautical theme...'

Bombay Bay is a popular destination as much for its good food as for its location, so please remember to book your table for Friday and Saturday evenings, or you will have to settle for a takeaway!

Free parking - within the marina

Summer Hours - from March to September

12 to 11 - Sunday to Thursday 3 to 12 - Friday 12 to 12 - Saturday

Winter Hours - from October to February

Monday to Thursday - 5 to 11 Friday - 3 to 12 Saturday - 12 to 12 Sunday - 12 to 11


Bombay Bay

Indian Bar and Restaurant

Southsea Marina, Fort Cumberland Road, Southsea, Hampshire. PO4 9RJ

023 9281 6066 and 023 9281 6067

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