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The Indian Kitchen Club paves the way for excellent cooking and the integration of Indian cuisine into the modern British palate. Our menu provides a look into India’s fascinating cuisine and its continued evolution through the ages. We serve various dishes that maintain the classic feel of Indian cuisine while spicing things up with our brand of dishes. Apart from the classics, we also maintain our delicately-spiced fish and other signature dishes. We bring seasonal meals and sharing dishes made from our exclusive ingredients and rich spices for big celebrations for two to eight guests. You can bring an entire office for a sumptuous banquet in our restaurant.

To add to our dishes, we have properly sourced wines. Our sommelier knows his wines, and we even have a gin trolley that has the finest collection of gins from different brands and small-scale providers of spirits across the United Kingdom. Our cocktail menu is available in the bars we have. This includes the Cinnamon Bellini and Mango & Thyme Gimlet.

If you want to provide suggestions for improving our services, do not hesitate to visit the website.