Chapman is a part of various charities. Outside of his work with the Kitchen Club, he is also part of the Cobra Foundation’s many charitable initiatives. With support from Molson Coors and Cobra Beer, he collects and distributes funds to aid young people in South Asia. The money goes to their overall community support but also to their education and health. His cooking is also put to excellent use in fundraising activities for the Army Benevolent Fund.

Aside from these, he also supports other charities, such as Mosaic, Find Your Feet, Asian Restaurants Skills Board, Action Against Hunger, and Wooden Spoon. His main advocacy is helping the youth in deprived communities and mentoring them to hone their passions to work. He attends major events, whether it is charity dinners or charity drives. However, he does his best to bring these children to his restaurants whenever he can. He wants them to experience Indian cuisine and the different tastes of the world outside their homes. There is a lot they can learn from a day in one of Chapman’s restaurants.

Chapman is also a part of the Restaurant Skills Board that supports the Mastara Chef initiative to raise and promote career opportunities for those who are interested in handling and preparing Asian and Oriental cooking. This is mainly through the apprenticeships offered by members of the Board. The Indian Kitchen Club helps out young students by showing them around the kitchen to see how it all works. That way, they can get a feel of what goes on in their favorite restaurants.