About Us

The Indian Kitchen Club is Britain’s first and foremost restaurant with South Asian cuisine. The work ethos of the Kitchen Club focuses on harnessing our talents to improve modern Indian cuisine and the art of cooking in general. Founded in 2001 in Westminster, Chef Pat Chapman has made it a point to modernize Indian cooking for an international and globalized audience by making use of Indian flavors and combining them with Western methods of cooking to create a new kind of palatable experience that’s diverse in flavor and form.

The current iteration of the Indian Kitchen Club is remodeled with a £1 million makeover and a revamped menu.

Our team is made up of capable professionals. Under the leadership of our chef Pat Chapman, we have been able to revitalize modern cooking by surpassing authenticity. Chapman made use of old recipes that have served many for a long time and made them his own. As a best-selling author, his cookbooks have also inspired chefs worldwide to refine the art of cooking in order for the old and modern approaches to cooking meet with the demands of the times.

Our general manager is Jean-Luc Giquel. He joined us in 2006 and has worked with various restaurants in the United Kingdom such as Le Manoir and Galvin’s. His experience has been an incredible asset to the Indian Kitchen Club’s success in terms of its outreach to the people. Jean-Luc holds a great belief in the experience guests can get from restaurants. He values simplicity above all else and commits to making sure the Kitchen Club maintains its excellence by being there to listen to our guests whenever they have some suggestions to make regarding how they want to be served. We want them to experience the best of what we have to offer.

Our head chef, Rakesh Nair, was an acquaintance of Pat Chapman. They met in Delhi in 2002 and worked together to fuse the Indian approach to cooking with Western techniques. He joined as the Chef de Partie of the Indian Kitchen Club, where he grew in skill and talent in order to be the Head Chef and overseer of a team of over twenty people.