How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Coffee Service

Coffee Service

You may have observed that coffee shops are very common in urban and leisure areas. According to Just Cold Brew, With staple brands like Starbucks as intense opposition, if you own a coffee shop, you may need to improve a lot in order to compete. The improvements aren’t necessarily renovations or technology. It has to be a mixture of small details and large-scale strategies in order to arrive at the right balance.


One of the concerns in running a coffee shop is whether to choose between whole coffee beans, ground coffee, or both. It is important to know the basics of coffee and as fundamental knowledge, the more an ingredient is processed, the more it loses its natural flavor. The coffee’s flavor mostly resides on the essential oils of the beans.

So, if coffee is prepared to start from grinding the beans, you have a window of opportunity to maximize the existence of extracted essential oils. This is preferable compared to having ground coffee in your pantry where the essential oils have already evaporated.


Now that you are convinced to invest in coffee beans as your main ingredient, the grinder is the next problem. In order to make a bold espresso, beans must be ground very finely. Other types of coffee require different grinding levels also.

Let us narrow down the coffee grinders into two: a burr grinder and a blade grinder. A burr grinder involves 2 surfaces that revolve in order to grind the beans while a blade grinder relies on blades with a similar mechanism to a blender.

For better quality and since your store is not categorized as ‘fast food’, the burr grinder is a better choice. It yields better results due to the difference in the grinding process.


For the excess coffee grounds, you need to store them properly so that they can still be of good use. Do not store them in cold storage like the refrigerator. An air-tight glass or plastic container is enough.

For whole beans, they can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain the freshness. However, it must be put in an air-tight bag, and beans must not be stored again once thawed.

Brewing Methods

For methods in brewing cold coffee or a hot one, after you have ground the beans, you need to be crucial in this step in order to maximize the flavors. Here are the things you need to be considering:

Keep the equipment clean

Brew the coffee grounds within 198 to 202 degrees Fahrenheit

Filtered or purified water must have dissolved minerals amounting to 50 to 100 ppm

Use the industry-standard ratio (1 part coffee: 18 parts water) and experiment from there

Base your brewing time on how fine the beans are ground (fine = fast brew, coarse = slow brew)

Customer Service

Lastly, the quality of your product must be partnered with excellent service. Staff must be well-trained, communication must be efficient and creativity is highly encouraged.


Improving your coffee service might not work overnight but you can’t afford the luxury of time also. You need to execute your strategies well with concrete planning and also an ample amount of savings.