A Guide to Speedier Restaurant Service: Using Commercial Microwaves

Commercial Microwaves

Some reasons why you are not Recommended to have a microwave in your restaurant could be because of some misconceptions of it producing mediocre results and being useless in a gas equipment dominated kitchen. But let me tell you something good: Microwaves are actually way more valuable, handier, and can improve your menu immensely, unlike most people think.

In this article, we are going to enumerate a few reasons why it’s a necessity that may just make you change your mind and get one immediately for your restaurants:

Calls for a Better Menu

High-performing microwaves will enable you to hype up the menu with some new sauces and dips to improve your goods. With it, on one corner, you can heat up small portions of food as soon as they are ordered and can even steam-cook in it.

Some microwaves are even big enough to fit full-sized plastic food pans, which gives you the luxury of preparing fresh steamed vegetables and seafood without the need for bulky and expensive equipment.

Speedy Retherm and Defrost

Pre-cooked food that is frozen or refrigerated can easily be heated or defrosted by a microwave than your steamer or water bath. Moreover, microwave defrosting lessens the risk of bacterial growth caused by long exposure to the temperature danger zone by just stacking up food in the refrigerator.

Plus, defrosting only the food you need to serve for the day helps with your restaurant’s waste management.

Less Electricity Bill

Efficient, quick, and most of all, less costly. Your average medium-sized microwave will cost you less than a dollar on electricity per day but produces results as good as your regular equipment. Unlike ovens, these do not need preheating, which means it only uses energy during the actual cooking process, saving a lot on the electricity.

Keeps your Kitchen Cool

Better working conditions equates to better employee performance.

Most heavy kitchen equipment will heat up your kitchen a ton, but luckily, not your handy commercial microwave. Microwaves are made to heat only the food it is meant to heat, which gives your employees and cooks a more comfortable and cool ambiance in the kitchen.

Easy Installation

Another promising thing about commercial microwaves: it can be placed absolutely anywhere you want.

It doesn’t need to be under a range hood and is lightweight, giving you the freedom to just move it around however and wherever you like. In addition, some units have self-service dial controls suitable for convenience stores and self-service restaurants.

Final Words

Overall, having a commercial microwave simplifies and speeds up everything in your restaurant. With modern commercial microwaves having features that enable you to cook with a single click of a button, all that’s left to be done is simply waiting while it does the job. Stages such as defrosting, cooking, and holding can now be done in a bat of an eye.

Having this in your kitchen saves time and helps out your employees a ton with microwaves needing little to no supervision, giving them the chance to go serve up some customers or perform other minor tasks while waiting, especially during rush hours.

So if you don’t have one right now, then you might want to go ahead and get one for your restaurant and start working more efficiently.