Decorating Indian Restaurants: What You Need to Know

Decorating Indian Restaurants:

Excellent service, great food, an inviting atmosphere and crown molding makes up for a satisfying restaurant experience. As a restaurant owner, there is an unspoken need to attain all these three things to achieve exceptional customer feedback. When customers are happy, the chances for them to come back are highly likely.

Onto South Asia, Indian restaurants have a certain flair for spice in almost every aspect. Specializing in an extensive menu of aromatic and rich flavors, it’s no question that Indian restaurants have gained popularity worldwide. However, other than the delicious, spicy foods, Indian restaurants must also entail interior decoration that will create the right ambiance.

Below, we’ve narrowed down four things to consider when doing Indian Restaurant Décor.

  • Consider Dim Lighting

Brightly lit areas are prominently used by fast-food chains that are strategically placed in busy streets. This type of light usually promotes a kinetic vibe with a target market of almost everyone in plain sight.

Dining in an Indian restaurant marks celebration of Indian food and culture. As such, a dimly lit place will be more arousing to people who enjoy fine dining and an intimate setting.

  • Play with Colors

Indian food prominently uses spices to get the rich flavor. Restaurant experts believe that using the vibrancy of warm colors will make customers enjoy spice-induced food like the Indian cuisine better. Pick a color scheme that is warm and neutral like deep orange, dark purple, brown, and olive green and any other color that suits the place better.

As for plating, vibrant colors of Indian food are better emphasized by organic colors that can also be made of sustainable materials. Serving on a rattan plate exudes authenticity, while traditional stoneware plates entail a cultural adventure while eating. Invest on neutral ceramics to highlight the food, too.

  • Consider Tables and Chairs

Wooden tables made of hardwood are enough to accentuate a rich flair in an Indian restaurant. Accompany the table with matching hardwood chairs that offer back support and you’re good to go. You can also add a unique table mat on the table to create an inviting aura that will make your guests comfortable. Again, use warm colors for your table mats to emphasize the suppleness of your Indian menu.

However, if you have a tight budget, you can invest in a white tablecloth to make your restaurant a unique and elegant feel.

  • Invest in Walls and Flooring Decorations

An Indian restaurant won’t be complete without wall décor, wallpaper, and flooring. A warm cream wallpaper with simple patterns will go well with the dimly lit lighting.

When it comes to wall decors, Indian portraits, paintings, and jar ornaments work best with your cream wallpaper. Remember, giving your restaurant a touch of Indian culture is recommended to make the customers have a sense of intimacy while dining.

As for floorings, choose ones that match the tables and chairs in your Indian restaurant. When you have hardwood tables, you can invest in dark wood floorings to give off that elegant yet simple vibe.


Experimenting with Indian Restaurant Décor is satisfying and will contribute to giving your restaurant the right ambiance. Consider using decorations that will go well with the food you serve and bring out the rich Indian history. The right décor will undoubtedly give your customers an enhanced experience.