Restaurants Where You Can Dine with and Order for Your Dog

Dine with and Order for Your Dog

Although there are a lot of cafes and restaurants wherein you can hang out with your dog outdoors, there are only a few where you can order a meal for your fur baby. If you want your dog to enjoy meals other than dog food, must check TheGoodyPet’s review and also the  restaurants that have a special menu for dogs.

Posana Restaurant

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville in North Carolina has been known as a dog town. It is no surprise that Posana, one of the famous restaurants here, has created a menu specially made for dogs. Even before, they have allowed dogs to stay on their patio. However, now, they have created a menu for them that consists of doggie ice cream treat with soy bacon, special beef lof, and grilled chicken with grains.

Shake Shack

Various Locations

This well-known burger restaurant in New York City is a favorite. Because it started as a hot dog cart in the center of Madison Square Park, it has had a lot of furry customers. Therefore, this restaurant has developed a menu that includes Bag O’ Bones and Pooch-ini which is popular.

Lazy Dog Cafe

Various Locations

This cafe is an excellent restaurant chain found on the West Coast. This restaurant and bar place is true to its name since has a dog theme. In the restaurant’s beautiful patio, families can dine with their dogs. All the dogs receive a bowl of water. Their fur parents can order from the special menu such as brown rice and grilled hamburger patties.

Art and Soul

Washington, D.C.

Found in the country’s capital, this restaurant has an amazing al-fresco dining area. Not only do humans enjoy Southern hospitality but also their dogs, too. Their dog-friendly meals can be enjoyed by each dog. Some of these creative meals are Peanut and Banana Pupsicles and The Hungry Dawg. You will surely enjoy choosing from the dog puns.

Moss Beach Distillery

Moss Beach, California

This distillery is a romantic restaurant that can be found on the coast of Moss Beach. Therefore, you can enjoy your meal with a breathtaking view. What makes it better is you can enjoy looking at this view with your dog. You can order from the restaurant’s special menu for your dogs such as skirt steak and mini hamburger patties.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe

Portland, Oregon

Portland is known by many as a city that is friendly to dogs. Therefore, it will not be a problem to bring your dog with you at Tin Shed Garden Cafe. They even have a Doggie Love Night event every Tuesday night. When you buy a meal for yourself at a regular price during the event, your dog gets a free meal. You can choose doggie desserts, chicken with rice, or sweet potatoes for your dogs.

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden

Austin, Texas

If Tin Shed Garden Cafe has Doggie Love Night on Tuesday nights, this sausage house and beer garden has Mega-Mutt Mondays each month. They feature dog shelters and offer a special kind of sausage made for your dogs. Inside the beer garden, they have a dog park where you can let your furry friend go around freely.