Restaurants Are Now Offering Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Ionized Water

California is known as the pacemaker for new health-related trends. You should see this because now they have come up with alkaline ionized water, which is being served in the restaurants. Now you will find this special water in a restaurant menu in California.

This is a progressive health trend because restaurants are known to be the main source of acidic foods. Even though ionized water is not a cure for a bad diet, it surely helps in improving the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

Why ionized water is important

For those people with disgraceful diets, ionized water can change their life for the better. It boosts the immune system and promotes skin health. Additionally, alkaline water contains anti-aging properties making it get absorbed into the body more quickly.

Scientists have also claimed that ionized water helps in weight loss as well as cancer prevention. Therefore, with all these health benefits, restaurants have every reason to include alkaline water on their menus. The water has proved to be a game-changer.

The Roxy Restaurant introduces ionizer to their drink menu

Roxy Restaurant’s owner, Naimi, has decided to expand his menu. He has placed a machine on the counter in his espresso bar. People always ask what the purpose of that machine is.

The machine is the alkaline water ionizer. Due to the strategic location, his clientele knows about its existence. Therefore the secret to success is the strategic location of the machine as well as friendly staff who engage the customers.

Naimi’s forward-thinking and vegetarian clientele have been ordering the ionized water. Most of them know the health benefits of water. Additionally, a bigger percentage of his customers have heard about it, and they may try it in the coming days.

Where it all started

The idea of ionized water came from one of Naimi’s long-serving waitress, Windy. Naimi noticed that she would always carry ionized water from home. Windy only drank the ionized at all times. This made Naimi curious, and he decided to her about it.

Windy drew the inspiration from her mother, who has been researching alternative health practices. Her mother bought her an ionizer, and she came to love the idea. She has since been drinking ionized water.

Setting the trends

Windy says that she has noticed the trend in her area. More and more people are embracing the idea of drinking ionized water. Her family, friends, and customers in the restaurant have liked the water.

In the restaurant, she serves customers with the water alongside the meals. She then explains to them about its health benefits and how to use it at home. Some customers bring water bottles from their homes to be filled with ionized water. Repeat customers are given the water for free.

Final Thought

Alkaline ionized water is now offered in restaurants, especially in California. Although the idea of drinking ionized water is new, people are slowly embracing it. The water has many health benefits to the human body.