All You Need To Know About Different Types of Commercial Cookware

Commercial Cookware

Cookware is fundamental equipment in any commercial kitchen. Looking for ceramic cookware review and Choosing the appropriate cookware for every task in your kitchen will have an impact on the quality of your food as well as the kitchen efficiency. You need to choose the right cookware for making a stew or soup, frying noodles, pan-searing chicken, and many other kitchen activities.

There are multiple options available for a head cook or an executive chef to choose from. Before you choose your favorite cookware, you must understand the pros and cons of each. Here is all you need to know about the types of cookware you can choose for your commercial cooking needs.

Common types of cookware for commercial use

If you own or manage a restaurant, you will need to purchase the right cookware for the daily operations of the restaurant. For a restaurant to function properly, it should have a range of cookware for creating smooth sauces, sautéed vegetables, and comforting casseroles. A typical kitchen in a restaurant should have the following equipment before it opens for business:

Sauté pan or fry pan

The difference between a frying pan and a sauté pan is the shape. Although the difference is subtle, it has a significant effect on the surface area as well as the volume of the content in the pan. The shape will also affect the pan’s weight as well as the tossing action.

For a commercial kitchen, you should have both pans as each has its advantages. A frying pan is more appropriate for sautéing while a sauté pan is best for braising or shallow frying. However, if your budget only allows for the purchase of either of two, you should go for the frying pan because sautéing is needed in preparing most recipes.

Frypan or skillet

The difference between the two is insignificant and many people use them interchangeably. However, skillets are deeper and have a lid as they can be used to deep-fry food. On the other hand, fry pans have lower sides and no lid. Therefore, it advisable that you choose a skillet over a frying pan in case you have to choose one of them.

Saucepot and saucepan

A saucepot and a saucepan are important cookware items but they have different functions. Saucepans have straight and tall sides with a round bottom while saucepots have wider bottoms compared to average saucepans. Since the two items are used for different purposes, it recommended that you have both of them in your kitchen.


A stockpot is versatile in its use as it can be used for cooking pasta, making sauces and soups, making stocks, and many others. Therefore, you should purchase a stockpot that is thick and with a heavy bottom to cushion the cook from burning and to ensure that heat is transferred evenly to the food.

Final Thought

If you own a restaurant, you will need to purchase the basic cookware items for your kitchen. Commercial cookware items are varied and they have different uses. Therefore, you should carefully select the items that will serve all the needs in your restaurant.