The Myths, Tips And The Difference Between A Marble And A Granite

Marble And A Granite

When choosing right sealer for granite to give the finishing touches to your home, whether the flooring surface, wall panel, countertops, patios and other else that requires durability and elegance, you can be torn choosing between the marble or granite. To help you decide, we will be identifying the difference between the two, unravel the myths and discover tips when and where to choose them.


To differentiate them, we must first define the two. Granite is an igneous rock that has a glossy appearance known for its durability and elegance. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from superheated limestone that achieved a crystalline structure and gives off a cool-inducing appearance.

Based on the definitions, there seems to be not much of a difference in appearances. They differ on what type of rock each belongs to and how they perform under different applications. The hardness also during applications of stress can determine whether to choose marble or granite for building purposes.

Unraveling of Myths and Discovering Tips

  •       Myth 1: Granite and marble can be stained easily.

Kitchen table finishes and tiles are certainly common household applications of marble and granite. As you prepare food or even eat, spillage can happen. Marble and granite have glossy appearances and they are durable too.

Therefore, stains can not penetrate the rocks’ textures at all. They can be maintenance-friendly as the stains as the spillage can be completely removed with the use of a cleaning towel only. As much as possible, avoid the use of acidic cleaners or bleachers.

Tip:     Since granite can take more physical stress than the marble, granite is to be considered in common areas for many activities like a kitchen or a playroom while marble is to be considered for master bathrooms. 

  •       Myth 2: Granite and marble can be very expensive.

The myth of being very expensive is associated with the use of marble and granite for building well-known, historical and luxurious structures. However, due to the increase in demand in the market for household use, the rocks can now be availed at affordable prices. Renovations for elegant purposes can now be done even at ordinary households.

Tip:     Even though high-end marble is a bit costly than granite, you can possibly get an equal price for the two depending on the amount you purchased.

  •       Myth 3: Granite and marble will eventually become out of style.

The qualities of the rocks alone disprove that myth. Their durability leads to being maintenance-free. Additionally, the glossy finishes are the very style most people from whatever walk of life see as elegant.

Granites offer dimension and texture to small spaces and marbles provide a clean and cool appearance to a bathroom. Both rocks are guaranteed to be decorative and functional pieces as shown being used by the historical structures still standing and visited by tourists today.

Tip:     To avoid any worry due to fading of the color, select as much as possible neutral tones for your rocks. For granite, a dark or light gray is suitable. For marble, white or beige color is enough.