Heat Transfer Methods Used in Cooking

Heat Transfer

When you want to cook, you normally look for a fire to cook. Stoves are the best countertop convection oven used for cooking. But it is not the fire that cooks the food; it is actually the heat that is produced by the fire. The heat will always be vital in cooking. There are cooking appliances that do not show off the fire but still able to cook food like microwave ovens, electric grillers, and others. As long as heat is produced, then cooking will be a breeze. You should then know the different methods of transferring heat to your cooking so you can get the right technique to cook your food properly.

Heat transfer is commonly used in cooking. It is the give-and-take of thermal energy involving two objects. In cookery, heat transfer is one method of heating for cooking. Food materials will be placed under heat through the use of cooking appliances like the stove, oven, and others. The methods of heating for cooking are helpful as it can help in eliminating bacteria, microorganisms, and other harmful elements. It will also make food taste better so you can have that enjoyable meal all the time. There are different heat transfer methods that you can use. These are:

·        Conduction

This is the procedure wherein heat is transferred directly to the object. There are many cooking utensils being used in conduction like the burners on the stove, deep fryer, and cast-iron skillet. Conduction is the slowest method of transferring heat but it is also the evenest. With this method, the direct contact between the cooking material and the heated cooking utensil allows even cooking making the food cook from the outside going in.

·        Convection

This is a combination of conduction heat transfer and heat circulation. The circulation of heat forces the molecules to equally distribute heat so that cooking will move through the food. Convection cooking happens when you cook using a pot of water. As the heat from the bottom of the pot rises, cool air goes down so that circulation will happen. This provides an even distribution of heat to the material being cooked.

·        Radiation

This is the method of allowing heat and light to enter food for cooking. Though there is no direct contact to heat, the energy waves can seep through the food material being cooked. This is a faster method of cooking but still, gets that evenly distributed heat on the food. The most common kitchen appliances being used with radiation are toaster ovens and broilers.

The different methods of heating for cooking are important to everyone as it helps in producing foods to eat. It is just important to use the method appropriate for the dish that you will cook. This is to produce the best tasting and most delectable dish. There are cooking appliances and utensils that are used for the three methods mentioned. Knowing their uses and purposes will help you know which one to use for the dish.