Side dishes that can be served with curry

Side dishes

People like taking curry at any time of the year, be it on occasions, Christmas, or regular days. According to the survey results run by, when we make a delicious spice pot, we also like cooking a lot of side dishes to complement the curry. This piece will provide you with information on how to make delicious accompaniments to the curry.


There is nothing tastier than when the delicious curry is mopped on a naan. Naan originated from India and it is commonly referred to as thick oven-baked flatbread. It has a thin layer, sometimes referred to as chapati, which is equally yummy. The bread is made by mixing white wheat flour with water, salt, and dry yeast. Then it is left to rise and later flattened. In most cases, they are seasoned, making them the best accompaniment for various curry meals, according to your personal preference.


People think that curry cannot be taken with rice; however, don’t be fooled. Most of the time, you need not serve the curry with rice because curry is mostly accompanied with flatbreads. However, you can spice up rice to make it match with curry. Different types of delicious rice are easy to cook and go well with curry: they include Jeera, Ghee Chit Ranna, and Pulay.


Samosa and curry make a good match. However, I must admit that samosa cannot be classified as healthy food, but they taste yummy. They are also easy to cook and also make a perfect accompaniment to a vegetarian curry.


Why not pair curry with salad? Not in western culture anyway. But most people have tried kachumber. Kachumber can be termed as an Indian salad, made of lemon juice, chili pepper, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. This type of salad can make you change every misconception you have concerning salad, and when paired with a spicy curry or cooling yogurt, it becomes just an excellent mixture of flavors.


Chutney and curry make a perfect combination. You can’t afford to have one without having the other. Traditionally chutney can be thought to be anything ranging from dahi to coconut dip. But recently we have come to understand them as fruit sauces which pair excellently. Chutneys are mostly made of vinegar and sugar to stay long enough on the shelves without going bad.


Indian cooking happens to be regional and diverse. For example, dhal recipes will call for either whole or split lentils. Lentils are also available in different colors such as red (masoor), green, and black (urad), having different texture qualities and flavor. Chana dhal comes from chickpeas, while toor dal comes from split pigeon peas.


Spices are common in most Indian meals. We have no definitive way of making Bombay potatoes, although we have a clue how. Spinach and potatoes make a perfect healthy food when added ginger, garlic, and spices. However, if you are an Anglo-Indian you can try taking Indian oven chips, they must have a good shape for scooping sauce.