The Best Recipes Using Dates

Recipes Using Dates

Are you wondering on how to incorporate organic medjool dates in your diet? Well, there are various types of recipes that combine well with organic dates. The formulas are also ideal for a vegan free diet. These fruits are a great source of fiber, minerals, and vitamin. Thus, you can consume them in your daily meals.  Apart from the nutritious value, dates can help lower body cholesterol. It can also boost digestion and improve bone tissues. The fact that these fruits have natural sugar, you can also use them as a sweetener instead of sugar. The following are suggestions of recipes using dates.

Chia Protein Balls

If you are thinking of combining dates with some proteins, then you can consider chia seeds. You can also go for peanut if chia isn’t your preference.  The protein balls only require ten minutes of preparation time, and four ingredients are enough. You can use the food processor to make the balls as it is faster and less messy. The protein balls can make a great snack in between meals and as a sweet treat after workouts.

Three-Ingredient Caramel Sauce

You’re used to the caramel made up of refined sugars, which are not very healthy to your body. Why don’t you try out the date caramel? You will obtain a sweet, nourishing flavor. All you need is three components and a preparation time of five minutes. The ingredients include organic medjool dates, sea salt, and non-dairy milk. Just combine them in the blender, and you can already use this sauce to any dessert.

Raspberry Protein-Packed Brownies

Raspberry brownies are also another recipe where you can include dates. These fruits will enhance your brownies’ texture. You don’t need to add refined sugar as the dates and maple syrup already act as sweeteners. Whenever you get a craving for chocolate, this formula is ideal.

Salted Mustard Apple Pastry Bars

Apple pastries are always present in family gatherings. To make the feast tastier, you can include the caramel sauce made from dates in your mustard apple pastry bars. The mustard consists of coconut sugar and oil, wheat flour, which are healthier ingredients.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are always delicious, whether it contains dairy or not. For this healthier option, the cake is made out of cashew butter, fresh strawberries, and dates. To make the crust,  you will need almonds, sea salt, and dates.  The good thing about this recipe is that you don’t have to bake it. You will only have to prepare it ahead of time for freezing.

Carrot Bread with Dates

This formula is yet another suitable meal for a healthy snack or breakfast. Again, the dates substitute the sugar here. Fresh ginger is also included, which gives the bread a spiced flavor. Complete the carrot bread by sprinkling it with a coconut yogurt coating.

DIY Twix bars

Did you know that you can substitute your candy bar with a healthy one? You will need dairy-free chocolate chips, shortbread cookies, coconut, and dates. You will first make the bars using the cookie and coconut flour, then top it with mustard made of dates. Finally, immerse the bars into the melted dairy-free chocolate sauce.