Guide to the Best Restaurant Ventilation

Restaurant Ventilation

Restaurant ventilation is an important aspect of running a restaurant. Through your central HVAC system, you can ensure the ventilation of your restaurant space, especially with the kitchen and the dining area. As explained by, being able to choose the best restaurant ventilation is not just simply choosing an exhaust fan or ceiling fans to keep everyone cool and ventilated. It is also about the circulation of the air that should not suffocate your customers and employees from smokes, food odors, outside dust, and pollution.

In order to fully compensate your restaurant areas with enough air, there are certain methods that you can do to ensure proper ventilation and air circulation. Here are some guides that you can follow:

Consult Your HVAC Technical Provider

Whenever you see ventilation problems, especially with your kitchen and dining area, it is best to seek immediate assistance from your HVAC provider. This is where you get the extra services you have paid for when you have installed the HVAC system, provided that they are offering it to customers. Three things must be looked upon when checking on your HVAC system: the “make-up air” (air taken from the outside), air quality, and the temperature of all the areas in your restaurant.

Don’t Overlook the Dining Area’s Ventilation

Though some of the restaurants have open windows and some were in patios, most restaurant dining areas in the cities are enclosed in walls or window panes. This enclosure could trap air inside and may suffocate some when there are a lot of customers inside the dining area.

You can consider checking the temperature of the dining room if it‘s at its comfortable level or not. Plus, kitchen smells may waft through the doors and enter the dining area, making the customers feel stuffy or irritated. Lastly, check if the air in the dining area is clear of smoke, dust, and other harmful particles that may harm your customers.

Air fresheners are a great solution to this, but you should be careful in choosing the fragrance.

Ceiling Fans or Any Electric Fans in Other Areas of Your Restaurant Isn’t Enough

These kinds of fan ventilation systems don’t just work on an enclosed space. Other than your patio area during summertime, include your lobby and comfort rooms to your HVAC system. Aside from the ventilation of these areas, the HVAC will also regulate the odor and temperature that should keep your customers comfortable.

Never Direct Your Outside Exhaust to Your Entrance, Parking Area, or Dining Patio

Especially with restaurants in cramped urban areas, there is a certain need for the restaurant operator to comply with restaurant standards pertaining to air ventilation and exhaust, one of which is the placement of the outside exhaust fan.

As this blows out warm air, having the exhaust placed wrongly will make your dining guests uncomfortable, your walk-in customers and passersby irritated, and the cars parked near your exhaust fan possibly overheated.


Knowing and understanding the importance of restaurant ventilation will surely be a trademark on you as a restaurant owner and operator in keeping your restaurant free from bad odor, smoke from the kitchen, and even dust and particles from the outside while keeping your customers dine comfortably.