How to Choose Your Restaurant’s Storefront Glass

Restaurant’s Storefront Glass

They say that the first impression is the last impression. So, one should give all their best efforts to give one! And when you are in a competitive industry such as glass company in Pelham or restaurant business, you need to make sure that you give the best impression to every potential customer, or else they’ll just walk right past you and onto the next one!

Your storefront says a lot about you as a business. The first impression should be enticing yet intimidating enough to make the customers enter and check out your awesome interior. Sadly, many restaurants spend a lot of money inside the restaurant that they completely forget about the outside.

If you are a new entrant to this business or someone looking for a revamp, it is strongly recommended that you should put some serious thought into your storefront glass section and immediately carry out any glass repair work if necessary.

How to Decide Upon the Storefront’s Glass

There are a few factors one should keep in mind when installing new glass panes or carrying out some glass repair work in their storefront. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

  • The way you wish to portray your restaurant to a passer-by says a lot about the nature of your business. Whether you choose to portray a clear window so that anyone passing can take a glance inside or wish to choose an opaque one in respect of the customer’s privacy, choose what you deem is best. Whatever setting you choose to go with though, always maintain a clean and tidy storefront by doing regular glass repair and cleaning.
  • Another choice you have to make is the details you are going to be giving out through these transparent liquids. Some basic necessities like the payment options and an open/closed sign should be there. Any added amenities such as special offers, neon signs, enticing posters, and even food grading certifications are a choice you will have to make, depending upon the image you want to portray to your customers.
  • Make sure that you keep your guest’s comfort in mind when deciding on these factors. Using blinds and insulated glasses is a must for extreme weather conditions. The lighting inside the restaurant should also be adjusted in a way to highlight the inner or outer part of the restaurant. Other than that, awnings are a great way to add some utility as well as charm to your restaurant storefront.

Other than following the best method to highlight your restaurant’s storefront, make sure that you follow all these practices while keeping the legal code of the local area in mind. If there are certain restrictions on glass panes, avoid them. Always consult a legal expert before starting such a process.


Your storefront depicts the atmosphere of your restaurant. Investing in architectures such as glass repair and installation is an investment that will give you returns over a good period of time. So, plan your architecture well and make sure to consult an expert to help you take your restaurant to new heights.