Pat Chapman Biography

Pat Chapman was born in London during the Blitz that took place in World War II. His Indian heritage stems from the military service rendered by his grandfather in the British Indian Army and his father in the Merchant Navy. As he had ancestry from Indians working under the East India Company, Chapman was quite rooted in his ethnic background, especially in their culinary history. His passion was in curry. When he had left school, he established a curry club to teach people about spices and the way curry is cooked. He had formed one of the earliest publications in the West on the subject of curry, leading to the foundation of the Curry Club in 1982. During this time, he took people to India to sample the cuisine there.

He also took an active part of the Army Benevolent Fund committee since 2008 in order to help raise funds for an annual Big Curry event. He is also a trustee of the Cobra Foundation since 2012 and helped with the 2010 National Curry Week celebrations by preparing dishes that integrated his recipes.

With his culinary expertise, he is able to reach customers through various restaurants, including the Indian Kitchen Club. His successes stem from his experience in the field of culinary arts. He viewed the art as ever-evolving and wanted to refine Indian cuisine so as to be seen as a worldwide phenomenon. As such, he integrates this into his writing, especially through his first book on cooking, The Indian Restaurant Cookbook that was published in 1984. Although his specialty is curry, the books Chapman writes also include cuisines from Thailand, China, the Middle East, and other forms of spicy cuisines from around the world. The Balti Cookbook he wrote was famous for how it “Baltified” Britain, as noted in a review by Daily Mail food writer Rosemary Stark.